Carlos Dinares Tip #387: ROWING the same stroke every time is BETTER

If you want to be fast in rowing you need to learn to be consistent. Training the ability to repeat your best stroke making no mistakes over and over will make you a better rower. As you get tired coordination will deteriorate and it will get harder to keep repeating your best stroke.

This is a 5 minutes video from the software of the Rowperfect3 rowing at low rate.

The numbers that you are going to see are from top left to top right and under left to right:
These numbers are really sensitive and give you a good feedback of your power application during the rowing drive.
1) Time: 5 minutes
2) Stroke rate: Looking for 16-17
3) Joules x stroke: Looking for 965- 985
4) Relative peak force position: Looking from 45 to 50.0%
5) Drag factor: 1.05
6) Stroke length: 154 to 161

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