Carlos Dinares Tip #388: SCULLING ROWING RELEASE

I’m going to start talking about this picture and what is this rower doing, who is he and I do like it.

In this picture we can see the former World Champion Under 23 Lightweight single sculler who set a new World record who also is going to row the Olympics on the LM2x. In this picture he is rowing at a stroke rate of 18. That picture is taken at a movement and technique that works for 18 strokes a minute and not race pace.
When we analyze rowing and technique we need to understand that crews don’t row the same technique, power curve, length of stroke and ratio at low rates than racing rates.
Low rates are design to make you faster at race pace. In this picture we are going to then analyze a movement that is performed by this rower to get stronger, more coordinated and faster eventually at race pace and possibly in his case give him the chance to win the Olympics in London.

The key things I see are:
1) He is seating up and all his core is engage and up.
2) His elbows are out.
3) Forearms are parallel to the water.
4) Wrists are prolongation of arm to grip.
5) Head up
6) Good body swing to still be connected to footstretcher with feet in his initiation of the release, change of direction.
7) His shoulders are down and relax.
a) His gluts are engaged.
9) His grip is firm and good.
10) He is producing a Huge power curve to get stronger on the drive with plenty of Joules x stroke.

In this other picture this other rower is racing and almost at the end of the stroke – release.
I will talk tomorrow about what is different from the top picture and what I like it about.

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