Carlos Dinares Tip #393: COACHING ROWING using the ROWPERFECT3

Rowing and sculling boats go fast because you teach your athletes in three ways:

1 – Teach the crew to make the same stroke

2 – Teach the crew to all do it at the same time

3 – Acquire proficiency in handling the oar(s)

Rowperfect3 can help you with 1 and 2. Its careful design and software allow you to demonstrate exactly the method of developing power that accelerates the boat / flywheel. The technique used on the Rowperfect3 ergo is very close to the one used on the boat.

Giving the chance to your crew to copy each other’s power curve and using linked Rowperfect3 helps you to make your rowers faster on the water. Using the RP3 linked together can help you to teach your rowers to develop the same stroke at the same time with different combinations. Building good combinations helps you as a coach to make fast boats.

Oar handling is also needed to row fast on the water and because of that you need a boat and some water to train on.
In this course we’ll talk how to take what you teach on the land using the Rowperfect3 to the water.

Myths and inaccuracies about the RP3:

There is misinformation about the Rowperfect3 circulating and so before we get into these email series we’d like to clarify some of these myths:

1. Rowperfect3 is a ‘fragile’ rowing machine.
2. Rowperfect3 is only used to teach ‘technique’

Here are some videos

1. Cambridge University (UK) boat race crew of 4 heavyweight men, including World Championship gold medallists ranging from 90 to 105 kgs. On linked Rowerfects doing a training session.
Can a ‘fragile’ machine cope with some of the strongest, fittest athletes in the world working out?

2. University of Washington (USA) crew of 8 heavyweight men training on linked Rowperfects doing a training session.

3. Olympic rower 2008 gold medalist using a Rowperfect3 doing power strokes (max power each stroke)

Rowperfect3 is a rowing machine that you can use to teach good rowing technique and helps you develop rowing coordination and fitness
You can simulate the rowing stroke at full pressure and length using the rowperfect3 at high stroke rates
So using the rowperfect3 you can really simulate what you are doing on the water to win races. It is not anymore just about fitness but about developing your body on the most efficient way so you can produce the most efficient rowing movement on the water.

I hope you are ready to get on with the programme?
Shortly, you’ll be getting the first email detailing how to coach athletes using Rowperfect3 to reinforce good technique, build strength and conditioning and enable the best possible rowing / sculling stroke training on and off the water.

On with the show!
Rowperfect UK

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