Carlos Dinares Tip #395: Training for ROWING can really HELP YOU!

Yes training for rowing develops good new habits in your daily life.
Often people who start rowing and want to row well to eventually go fast to win races will develop new patterns that end up having them:

1) Eating better.
2) Sleeping more hours.
3) Going to bed earlier.
4) Watching less TV.
5) Drinking less alcohol.
6) Being more patient with others.
7) Being happier with themselves.
a) Having less stress.
9) Using less the credit card to feel good.
10) Being more productive at work.
11) Control more their body weight.
12) Making new good friends that share their passion.
13) Be more aware of their fitness reality.
14) Change their priorities.
15) Do something for themselves…

Yes training regularly with a goal will eventually bring all those positives things to you. All these 15 points listed above will be a reaction of your rowing goal because in order to get faster eventually you will need to change to improve.

If you are training consistently for rowing you are already taking advantages of many of the good things that exercising and training brings to us. If you are not, you should consider starting because your life is going to change in so many positive ways!

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