Carlos Dinares TIP # 401: ROWING TIMING: This is HOW it LOOKS!

This is a very good video to understand timing and see what timing is and how it looks. As they say there are not enough words where there is a good visual for you to look at!

The front camera in this video is perfect to see the body mass moving on top of the boat and the blade work on the water timing the entry of the blade.
I want you to look at this video and look at the front shoots of this rower. Look at these parts of the video:

1) The body coming into the stern and the blade getting ready for entry.
2) The blade entry.
3) The drive.
4) The rhythm.
5) The timing of the catch.

I really like from this video how relaxed the rower is and how much you can feel the rhythm of his rowing. What you can see is that all his rhythm comes originated by being connected to the water and this can give speed to the boat and when we have that we can originate rhythm, so first step connection to the water, second step getting fit to move the boat and push it away and the more connected, the more fit we can get and then we can generate rhythm and good rowing!
I want you to see that the music is perfect for this video it is relaxed and calm as rowing. Look at his grip how relax it is, he keeps seating up, his shoulders are down, his movements simple and his face is calm. This rower has developed his rowing and fitness rowing lots of good miles on the water.
Ok now let’s talk about the timing of this video. I would like you to look at first how he pushes the boat away during the drive. How he throws the boat away, delivers the boat on the release with speed. The acceleration during the drive.

You can see that at the moment he gets the blades on the water his body is loaded on footstretchers and oars that are locked on water. So his 2 points of support to suspend his body weight are the footstrtechers and the blade locked in to water. At the moment he has that he pushes the boat away with skill balancing both of them to keep his body weight suspended. How much I push away from the footstrtecher and how much I take the oar to me. Coordinated movement that depends on feel to connection and weight suspension.
Now I want you to look at the timing. Let’s talk about it. Because there is connection and acceleration of a good coordinated drive then good timing can happen. This is what I want you to realize: there are steps to row properly and if one of those steps that have an order of development, doesn’t get developed properly, things like balance, timing, relaxation, flow, glide…. won’t come to you. Rowing is not rocket science, it is just a dancing of two masses, the boat mass and your body mass, with proper blade work that gives these 2 masses the music to dance with each other!

Ok let’s comeback to the timing!
Look at the release how the boat leaves with speed pushed away. At this moment the rower has changed direction and is coming into the stern as the boat is coming under with good speed. Balance is easy for him because the principles of a good balanced boat are respected and well engrained on this rower. You can see he doesn’t even think about balance. As his body mass approaches the catch and his blade gets close to the bow and squares, he, with perfect timing executes the catch this way: He let’s his body mass keep flowing to the stern on a very relax way as his blades enter the water and the change of direction of his body mass happens, from going to the stern to going to the bow.
At the right time, he finds water connection, load on the blade, hang on the grip and pressure on the feet against footstretcher. The right timing of this action all happening at the perfect time with perfect sequence of movements gives this quiet, simple and smooth catch timing to this single sculler. The same happens on any other rowing boat with the difference that all the rowers need to move together to make it perfect. The advantage of the 1x is that is only you and you can learn without anybody getting on your way.
Now I want you to see the video again and look at this rowing and listen at the music! Just get yourself on this movement and feel the rowing as if you were the one rowing on it… I can do it! I’m sure you can too!
Just look at the approach of the blade, entry and what happens with his body mass coming into the stern….
Amazing video to see and feel good rowing, perfect music to relax and dream the movement and beautiful water and rowing!

Thank you for this great video!!

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