Carlos Dinares TIP # 404: ROWING TOP 10 LIST of “NOT getting your MONEY BACK”

What is that Top 10 list of things we do everyday at practice as rowers and coaches that just approached on a totally different way can make our crews a lot faster?

Yes if you change all those 10 things you are going to go much faster.
You don’t need to train harder, longer or more. You don’t need to spend more money…
You only need to follow these 10 steps and I can assure you that if you do you will go much faster.
You think that it is just talk, but it is not. The reality is that if you print this list and follow it every day on the development of your program and execution, your crews will go faster. I’m a 100% sure!

I’m working now on them and will deliver them to you on the next Blog TIP!

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