Carlos Dinares TIP # 418: ROWING BETTER and FASTER- Thank You Carlos Dinares

Hey Carlos,

I wanted to give you some feedback on how I feel training on the Rowperfect 3 has been going and helped me this year. First and foremost the Row Perfect3 has taught me how to load my body weight at the front end as efficiently as possible.

The machine has great emphasis on the leg drive and really builds your leg strength and power per stoke. With the direct coordination at the front end, as compared to the stationary erg, the Row Perfect3 has been able to give a me a very noticeable hand to feet connection. With the reference power curves you have provided on your blog, I have been able to match up the front end with mine and produce the best power curve possible.

The Row Perfect3 has also given me a clear and concise understanding of what setting the blade and accelerating the boat past the oar feels and looks like, with reference to the power curve. With the louder sound of the fly wheel you can really hear yourself accelerate the machine. Not only has it improved my drive sequence but it has improved my sense of boat feel and rhythm. The Row Perfect3 has a very good boat like feel and can help you move efficiently on the water.

With the help of Carlos, the RP3 and my junior rowing coach I have been able to improve my rowing on the water and have been invited to USA Junior MNT Selection Camp. It is a huge accomplishment for me and I feel the Row Perfect3 has helped every step of the way.

Thank you Carlos Dinares

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