Carlos Dinares TIP # 419: 1,700 FULL-RIDE ROWING WOMEN Scholarships every year!

Ernst explained that one of the reasons he wanted to coach the women’s team again after coaching the UW men for 20 years — “I didn’t have to coach the women’s team,” he says – was because of these facts: There are roughly 85 women’s intercollegiate, Division-I rowing teams. There are about 20 scholarships available for women in the sport at each of those schools.

“That’s 1,700 full-ride scholarships every year. I’m here to tell you that there aren’t 1,700 blue-chip recruits every year,” he says. “And so it is an extremely interesting puzzle to solve.”

Yes you can read it clear, there are 1,700 rowing Scholarships for Women.

Did you know that? Do parents know that there are 1,700 women in this country that get to go to college with rowing scholarship?
Do you think the rowing coaches get to know which rowers are the best on an objective way?
Do you think all the girls with talent get to take advantage of that help?
Do you think all the parents with talented daughters know that rowing is giving away so many rowing scholarship?
Do you think young rowers are training on systems that give them the best chance to get one of those scholarships?

I believe there is plenty of opportunity in rowing for women and if those scholarships keep available for few more years, the whole process of training for the rowers and recruitment process for the college coaches is going to keep improving.

In the near future rowers will approach their preparation more seriously taking more advantage of personal coaching and extra work and the college coaches their recruitment process with more objective data from new ways to evaluate correctly the best match for their rowing programs.

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