Carlos Dinares TIP # 422 : How to coach ROWING using the Rowperfect3

From Rowperfet3UK:

To thank you for sticking with us and, hopefully getting stuck into using some of the advice, we have got an awesome special offer just for you.

Advice from Carlos Dinares, Raf Wyatt, Chris George or Grant Craies

In person, direct to you.

You can choose one of the coaches above; and ask them a question about coaching using Rowperfect – it may be something you hoped we’d write about or a particular issue specific to your programme – go on, ask away.

Send your email question to: and in the subject write “I want Rowperfect advice from….” and name the coach of your choice.

We will forward your message to them and ask them to reply direct to you.

Again, thanks for sticking with us this far. Your next email will be on its way to your in box shortly.

P.S. Brief coaching biographies and language skills

Carlos Dinares [Spanish, French, English] rowed for Spain and coaches USA rowers to try to make the National Team and helps University of Washington and other programs from Juniors to Masters around the country; former coach of Ursula Grobler and Abby Broughton US LW2x 2010.

Raf Wyatt [Dutch, German, English] coached national teams in Switzerland and New Zealand. Experienced junior and lightweight coach.

Chris George [English] ex HW international, Lt weight world champion and medallist and four times Henley medal winner. Olympic coach (Moscow) and ex British national coach women. Coached at club level Caius (Head), TCD (Ladies), and TRC (all levels) and currently coaches University of London BC generally and also recently their FISU & U23 triallists. Is a long term Rowperfect user, since 1997, and has quite a lot of expertise on the RP3W software and SEAN the Rowperfect coaches’ software.

Grant Craies [English] coaches in New Zealand with development athletes at Auckland RPC. Expert user; has tested many of the software versions.

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