Carlos Dinares TIP # 425: Coaching in ITALY, VARESE!

I’m really excited to be here In Italy, Varese, next to Switzerland. This lake is amazing, it has two race courses on it and you can row from one end to the other one 8km. The Nationals teams of GB, Australia and Italy do training camps here regularly. I got to see the GB Team that just left today for home to get ready for the first World Cup in Serbia. The Italians just got here today with their full squadra. I’m coaching a masters group of single scullers all the way to sunday. Rowers with lots of motivation and excitment to get better and row here in this great rowing location!
Yes this lake has 2 full six lanes buoy courses on the water ready to be used. So amazing to see that. It is the first time I can see a body of water with two full courses ready. How great is that and how many rowers and coaches can be working at the same time on the water without getting in top of each other. Just amazing!!


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