Carlos Dinares TIP # 426: ROWING using your body weight


When I am talking about rowing using my body weight we are going to load our body weight at the catch on the foot stretcher and then I’m going to hold on the handle and then I’m going to lose weight on my seat. [feel lightness under my butt on the seat -i.e. not sitting heavily]

When I am going to the catch I’m going to place my weight under. It’s like doing lifting with an Olympic bar, they use the inertia of the weight going down and with that they send the bar up. It’s the same thing.

That’s quite a dynamic erg – it’s so key to use the inertia coming and place your weight onto your self underneath.

Demonstrates the catch I come under and ‘take it’ it comes to me. I push away and I lose weight here

I can row more legs then body or I can row more body legs – I am connected always.

That’s more the German way – I open my body

The traditional way – leg-body-arms

Always the body is loaded.

On the second part [recovery] the body is moving and I go against the handle, the head is going towards the catch.

It’s a game of balancing the body weight how I position I follow the handle I use the inertia of the frame moving; and I place underneath, I take it, I push it and at the end I lift myself up towards the handle and start changing direction rotate my hips I am like a cat, I go under and I get at the catch.

I balance the pressure of the feet against the handle rocking my hips and then I am all the time thinking about how much I am using my legs, how much I am taking the handle, I keep my weight up [off the seat.]
And with the feedback of the power curve I can keep the power curve balancing those two parts in the middle.

A guide to your athletes:

Let them understand that each stroke must be taken with critical awareness of the quality of the power and the quality of the technique. Small adaptations and changes to these two things are the ‘balancing’ that I describe above.

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