Carlos Dinares TIP # 428: Mount Baker ROWING Junior 8+ wins GOLD at Brentwood Regatta 2012

Brentwood Regatta 2012: Mount Baker Junior 8+ wins Gold

Junior A Men 8+

29 Apr 2012 Final A
1-Mount Baker Rowing Club (4:35.96)
2-Everett Rowing Association (4:38.22)
3-Brentwood College School (4:40.7)
4-Green Lake Rowing Club (4:42.38)
5-Pocock Rowing Center (4:42.91)
6-Rose City Rowing Club (4:46.51)

Mount Baker Junior’s 8+ won a Gold medal this last weekend at the Brentwood regatta in Canada. After spending a weekend at Lake Samish with Carlos Dinares with some good last minute miles and pieces, the Mount Baker Team got to travel to Canada and win one of the big races of the year and qualify for opening day in Seattle. Congratulations to the Mount Baker crew Team and to their coach JP!

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