Carlos Dinares TIP # 429: ROWING future developed in the NETHERLANDS!

I’m in Holland developing our last generation of ROWPERFECT3. I’m here for few days helping to adjust the new generation of rowing machines feel. We are building a rowing simulator that feels like rowing on the water.

Rowperfect3 develops your body to go fast on the water and with his computer software teaches you to develop the proper coordination to move a rowing boat.

Rowperfect3 is an amazing tool to develop fitness and rowing coordination on a healthy way with no back and knees injuries. The stress on your back and knees is reduced thanks to the dynamic motion.

The feel of flow and glide and rhythm is very impressive.

I’m really excited to be part of the development of rowperfect3 and the future of rowing with it. Rowperfect3 is being used by Teams on their advantage already!

I believe rowing is already changing and rowperfect3 is the tool to be used to get an advantage over your competition.

The coordinated power and fitness developed on the Rowperfect3 helps you to go faster on the water. Using RP3 you get an advantage!

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