Carlos Dinares TIP # 432: Frans Göbel: Don’t disturb the water

I’m in Amsterdam and had the chance to spend the evening with Frans Göbel and his family. Finally after many years i got the chance to seat on a table with him and talk about rowing, what an evening!
I remember Frans back in 1990 in the Banyoles lake next to Barcelona training with the Dutch team. He was at the time the former World rowing champion in the LM 1x. I remember him leaving the rowing dock every morning at rate 26 with his clean and powerful rowing.

Last night we had this amazing rowing conversation for few hours.

We talked about everything from feel to power per stroke, catch, timing, blade shape, training, balance, release, coordination, starts, racing strategy and more and more. What a rower! It was fascinating to listen to Frans and at all his experiences and be able to ask him directly about feel and rhythm.

Of all the things we talked Frans really got me with ” Don’t disturb the water” and he was right. He wanted me to understand how important is to coach rowers to catch the speed of the boat with the right timing and with a clean puddle, not just disturbing the water and not locking on. How right Frans is and how hard is to coach that right and to execute it! I’m so excited to go back to my single and start rowing with more focus on my clean and perfect stroke as Frans urged me to do!

Thank you very much Frans Göbel!

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