Carlos Dinares TIP # 436: ROWING INTENSITY. Training with a GOAL

Training in rowing is a long process. In order to become good at rowing you need to change behaviors and generate new ones that help you to become a better rower and create real habits of those good behaviors. There is no other way. You cannot be competitive at rowing if you are not taking seriously this list of actions:

1) Train everyday. A day off is a way to let the body rest because of good and long hard training or a day that you don’t have time to train.
2) Train always with a purpose. Take every stroke or do every repetition with a purpose. Don’t row without thinking about your rowing.
3) Eat well.
4) Sleep as much as you can.
5) Reduce daily stress.
6) Follow a training plan that you believe on.
7) Get good coaching to help you create good habits on your rowing stroke and help you to know what you need to do or improve.
a) Commit to real changes.
9) See what you don’t do that well as opportunities to get faster.. Positive attitude!
10) Have short and long terms goals with targets and tests down the process. Row for life!

Watch this video!

In this video you can see a group of athletes getting ready for the Olympics who follow many of the points listed above if not all! You can have the same approach, you don’t need to be an Olympian!!
You only need to have your own goals and make them a priority in your daily life to improve your rowing and be better at what you want. It takes to want to and to write your path to your vision of who you want to be and become.

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