Carlos Dinares TIP # 443: ASK YOURSELF these 12 QUESTIONS about your ROWING

If you have been rowing for a while and you feel that it is always the same and there is no enough improvement or none, maybe there is something you can do to change that.
I can assure you that everyone can row well with good coaching and time. It is a question of doing the correct work over and over until you get it right.

Every rower who does the work right can move a boat fast and efficiently. Everyone has potential. Because Rowing is such a hard complex not intuitive movement a good coach is essential to succeed. It is true that is easier to teach from scratch than fix bad habits wired in your body but everything is possible with good coaching, determination and consistency.

What we know is that good coaches do well consistently. Good coaches set a good system wherever they are and achieve results overtime with the athletes they coach.

If you are rowing everyday and feel in a rut with your training ask yourself these questions:

1) Are you getting faster on the water?
2) Are you rowing better?
3) Are you having fun?
4) Are you feeling you get the most out of the time you put into your training?
5) Do you understand the training you do and why?
6) Do you believe you have the best training system to be the best you can be with the time you are dedicating?
7) Do you enjoy the glide and simplicity of a good rowing stroke? Can you feel glide and rhythm?
8) Do your feel you are in an environment which inspires you?
9) Do you feel you are working the hardest with the best focus you can?
10) Do you feel your coach is personally invested in your success?
11) Do you think your coach can accurately asses your weaknesses?
12) Do your coach has a logical plan to make you faster?

If you really want to maximize your return you should be answering yes to all these questions.

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