Carlos Dinares TIP # 446: Don’t EVER GIVE UP your ROWING DREAMS

If you want to row well, work smart and hard until you get there. Rowing is about good repetitions and just doing it over and over. The more often and the more consistent the better you get at it. If your dream is to be a fast rower, a good rower, a champion, just keep going and going and never give up.

Eventually you will get that day that all the work you have done will pay off. You don’t know when and many times you will want to stop, give up but don’t! Just keep going and have the faith that one day all that hard work will comeback to you somehow and you will understand!

It is one of those things that you cannot explain but it will happen and comeback to you by feeling that perfect stroke, having that perfect row, winning that amazing race or getting to achieve your dream in rowing whatever it is. To get there you need to keep going and going and embrace the training and the many strokes needed to become good at it!

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