Carlos Dinares TIP # 448: The RELAXATION on the ROWING RECOVERY

In these 2 pictures I can see 10 POWERFUL things that those 2 crews are experiencing, feeling, doing!

1- Relax grip to the oar handle- Look at their hands.
2- Elbows are broken and they are getting their body preparation and bending their knees. YES elbows can keep be bended for a while when body is moving forward and knees are going up.
3- You can see how they are feeling the boat and the glide that is giving them the rhythm and timing.
4- The boat is taking them to the catch under them- You can tell they have their body weight on their feet and they are letting the boat compress them- They are not pulling from the feet to get to the catch.
5- Look at their legs, they have lose knees and relax legs.
6- Their head is ahead of their shoulders- They have an elongated neck looking forward that helps them to lead their body mass to the catch. That shows good change of direction on the release.
7- Their shoulders are down and relax.
8- They are seating up and they have really good posture. Seating up tall.
9- They are rotating their hips to get the body preparation. That is possible because they are seating up.
10- Look at their eyes. Their look is lost on the nowhere. They are not looking, just feeling the boat and moving with it. Their focus and concentration is maximal.

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