Carlos Dinares TIP # 456: DANCING with music and ROWING FAST

If you are good at dancing and you can follow the rhythm of music, you have a huge advantage on your rowing. Yes rowing is about adapting to the boat, having rhythm, feel, controlling all your body parts and matching people if you are on a Team boat.

Here is a video of a 3 times Gold medal olympic rower from denmark dancing. It is amazing to see how well he moves all his body with the music and with his dancing partner. Is that skill helping him with his rowing? YES for sure.

Well if you are good at dancing and can dance with another dancer you have plenty of good skills that will help you with your rowing. Yes if you dance well with the music and with someone else it means that you are good at adapting to the music and to another dancer. You need to move smooth and all your body and the movements need to go with the music, look easy and just flow. Very similar to what is required in rowing.
So really we can train rowing doing more things than just lifting weights and rowing the stationary rowing machine. We can train for rowing in a more efficient way and get faster!

Here is a video of that dancer winning a Gold medal at the Olympics. Yes the same rower. Do you see an correlation from his smooth and fluid dancing with his rowing? I do.

Dancing, boxing, martial arts, yoga, golf, basketball or any sport that requires body control, coordinated power, dynamic power, speed of movement and many other skills required for rowing are going to help your rowing.
You will be the best rower you can be when you will have developed and strengthen all the parts of your body that move the boat and learn to fire at the right time, with the right intensity and on the correct sequence.

Rowing is a movement that is new to people and we all need to learn from scratch. Having a good control of all your body will help you to adapt to different people and different weather conditions.

So if you add to your training some other good sports that require body control you, with good coaching will become a better rower.
Some advice: Build a body for rowing doing rowing, if you don’t do rowing, do what will help you in your rowing. Don’t do what won’t help you.

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