Carlos Dinares TIP # 462: And the WINNER is ROWING!!

Ever wonder which sports will provide you or your child with the best odds of receiving a college scholarship? The results might surprise you!

Yes if you are a parent or High school student and you want to get an Athletic Scholarship the best sport to choose for Men or women is ROWING!

When the time comes for high school students to choose a college to attend, many find that their final decision is greatly influenced by the scholarships and other types of financial aid they have available to them.

The best way to make sure you get into a great school is to plan ahead. Academics are the most important area to concentrate on, but as a high school student, it’s good to know what other options you have! For instance, did you know that playing certain sports will give you a higher chance of earning a college scholarship than others?

Check out this infographic from eCollegeFinder to find out what your odds are of getting a scholarship within your chosen sport!

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