Carlos Dinares TIP # 463: MAXIMIZING the RUN of the ROWING BOAT

To be a good rower you need to maximize the run of the boat. Let’s look at these 2 videos where there is very good run of the boat and all of these rowers are maximizing the run of the boat.

Here are the 7 key things that these rowers do well to maximize the run of the boat:

1) Good ratio: Drive/recovery.
2) Good use of momentums.
3) Good timing at catch and release.
4) Good change of direction
5) Good acceleration on the drive.
6) Good connection to the water.
7) Good length of stroke.

To do all these 7 things correctly the rowers need to be fit, have really good posture, good blade work and move really well with the boat. The rowers need to be part of the rowing system to maximize the run of the boat on the recovery, key part of efficient and fast rowing. Working with the boat instead of “against the boat”. The rowers need to let the boat come to them instead of going to the catch. They need to be strong on posture and compression to get good length of stroke so they can get few more inches of run before they catch the water again!

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