Carlos Dinares TIP # 465: From LAKE SAMISH to 3rd ROWING WORLD CUP FINAL on the M2-

Yes CONGRATULATIONS to the M2- from SPAIN who just today made the FINAL at the 3rd ROWING WORLD CUP in MUNICH 2012. Alex and Pau, the rowers of the Spanish M2- came to Lake Samish this January and February to train with me to get some extra speed to get ready for the big races to come!

They had the favorites for Gold in LONDON 2012 on their Heat, New Zealand and went to the repechage.

The repechage had 4 crews and the top 2 had the chance to advance to the FINAL. The competition was really HIGH.

They had to race ITALY who was last year at the World Rowing Championships 3rd and Germany who was sixth.

Germany won the first World Cup in Serbia this year with a faster lineup than last year at the World Rowing Championships in Bled 2011.

The repechage had Italian same lineup as last year, GER lineup of the Gold medal crew from first World cup, the Spanish 2- that train at Lake Samish this january and february and Australia 2.

Well the final result was 1st Italy with 6:45.16, 2nd Spain with 6:46.17 and 3rd GER with 6:47.17.
So SPAIN got the chance to beat GOLD medal crew from first World cup and advance to the FINAL.

Congratulations Alex and PAU and Good luck tomorrow on the final!

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