One of the key parts of rowing is the placement of the blade at the catch. Plenty of different things happen at this moment and because of that it is not easy to do it all right. Yes rowing is a very complex movement where your whole body is involved being on a boat that flows on water, that is hard to balance where you need to match other rowers and adapt to the weather that might be challenging.

In this great video of a good crew I want you to look at:
1) The body preparation before the catch.
2) The speed of the slide going to the catch and on the first part of the drive.
3) The entry of the blade on the water.
4) The timing of all that. Arrival to the catch, placement and start of the drive.
5) How they don’t move to the bow until the blade is loaded.
6) How simple and direct the blade entry is.
7) How is a different entry for different speeds of the boat.
8) How concentrated and focus they are.
9) The timing at the release and change of direction. How that timing affects the balance of the crew.
10) The masses of the 2 rowers moving on top of the boat and generating momentums at both ends.

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