It is important that a coach possess the ability to communicate directly, honestly and constructively to the rower in a manner that fits the personality of the rower. This can be a given ability, but it can also be learned. It is a trait that is of paramount importance.

It is true, rowers want direct information about their rowing. They want to know how they are doing and what they can do to be better. Honest and direct communication are 2 key skills that coaches need to develop in order to help their rowers improve. If you are a coach, your job is to make your rowers better, and if you are a rower you want your coach to help you become a better rower.

So if you are a coach be sure you get better at giving direct and honest information to your rowers, even if it is not what they want to hear because it is hard. Honesty goes a long way and at the end the video of their rowing or the results of their racing will show them that direct and honest reality.

What works for a rower might not work for the other. Don’t think the same works for everyone. Rowers are individuals, and each individual gets motivated or down on different ways.

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