Carlos Dinares TIP # 472: Great LOW RATE ROWING by a GREAT SCULLER

In this video you can see a great 1x sculler rowing at low rate.
This is a very good example of a Heavy weight 1x sculler rowing at low rates.
These are the 10 things are key for me in this video:

10 Key things to look at in this video:
1) The concentration and focus.
2) The consistency of the movement.
3) The rhythm and flow
4) The send of the boat at the end of the drive, the good acceleration, How well the boat keeps running when he is on the recovery phase.
5) The good connection to the water during the whole drive.
6) The length of the stroke, how long he rows at both at catch and finish.
7) The good organization of movements during the drive and during the recovery.
8) The hang, suspension and efficiency of movement during the drive.
9) The good posture and grip with relaxed shoulders.
10) The accuracy of his blade work.

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