Carlos Dinares TIP # 474: Improving your ROWING STROKE with ROWPERFECT3

I like this video much better than the last one! For sure you have made big improvements.
I’m going to list 10 things I like from this video and tomorrow I will list 10 things that could improve!

10 things I like:

1) You are rowing close to 50% relative peak force position. Much higher than last time and i like it better.
2) You are going down with your hands on the recovery that helps you to grow and go up to the catch and be more direct.
3) Your power curve has a pretty good shape and has improved.
4) You are pretty consistent on your Joules x stroke and stroke rate
5) Your ratio is better.
6) You are seating up well and rotating your hips.
7) You have a pretty good organization of the movements, sequence of your body parts is good.
8) You have good acceleration.
9) You have a good and relax grip to handle on the recovery.
10) You have good suspension on the first part of the stroke.

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