Carlos Dinares TIP # 475: Getting FASTER ROWING with Rowperfect3

I’m going to list few things that this rower can do to improve his rowing on the RP3:
The good thing of the Rowperfect3 is that it comes with this computer software that it gives you plenty of information that is very accurate and sensitive.

Thanks to that we can learn to use that information to teach us to row better and more efficient.

- I would like to see you having a clean curve with no shakes on it. Clean going up and down. The vibrations on the curve on the second part show not firm pressure on the flywheel and are a consequence of lack of coordination and control of the movement.
- Your length of stroke is really inconsistent. I would like you to seat up a little more at the catch and try to compress more. For that you need more strength on your glutes and hamstrings to keep the position at the catch. I would like to see a consistent 154-156 getting more length at the catch, not at the finish.

- Your joules x stroke are not bad but could be higher for the rate you are rowing and your k factor. I would like to see you working consistently on the upper 800.
- Your peak force position is better but I would like to see it consistently on the 50.0%
- I recommend you to increase the K factor for a few number of practices to the maximum you can to work on a slower drive being able to play more with the shape of the curve and the peak force position.

- Try to don’t collapse with your body weight at the end of the stroke and seat up a little more.

- The second part of your curve goes down on a way that shows lack of strength and power. I would like you to keep with a base of 154-156 (length of stroke), at the top longer and go down the latest you can on the deepest way you can so you could build a bigger area inside of the curve and a bigger joules number.

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