Carlos Dinares TIP # 476: Low rate ROWING builds your RACE pace ROWING

In this video of good Lightweight sculler from France you can see good rowing technique at low rate and race pace. What it is interesting is to see how accurate and precise both rowings are.

Here is a list of few of the things that I find very good on this video:

1) Look at how he connects at the catch to the water and pushes the boat away. He is getting every single push he can.
2) Look how organized his movements are on the drive and the recovery.
3) Look at his blade work on the drive, long and clean.
4) Look at the level of his blade on the recovery and when and how he goes from square to feather and square again and the height of that blade over the whole recovery.
5) Look at the arrival at the stern, placement – connection and push the boat away.
6) Look at the release, he is pushing all the way to the release on the footstretcher and changes direction again the footplate with a clean extraction well timed. The blade comes out clean and vertical.

This methodic movement, Patient push of the boat when the blade is loaded and fluidity of everything also applies for any other rowing event. It is not just the 1x.

Be perfect rowing at low rate to be able to be perfect at race pace. Rowing is a complex movement and perfection at race pace can only be achieved when we are able to row at low rate for hours non stop without a single mistake. If you cannot balance the boat at low rate, If you cannot move the boat at low rate, if you cannot be consistent at low rate and you are already fast at race pace, if you improve that you will be much faster!

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