Carlos Dinares TIP # 478: Developing ROWING REAL POWER

I like to look at these pictures and video and understand Real Rowing Power. For me real Rowing Power is the one we can use to move the boat faster out of the start, closing the race, making a move and sustaining the speed required to win. For sure Head wind requires a different rowing stroke than tail wind and the amount of load during the drive is superior.
Looking at these pictures and video you can see those 3 amazing crews that will be soon fighting at the Olympics for a good result. The M4x of Croatia, Australia and Germany. You can see how powerful they are and how coordinated they are. Those rowers are really powerful on the water but know how to move together and on a very efficient way.
Look at their blade work, look at their bodies moving together!!
On the last picture you can see the german 4x working before the Olympics dragging something to make the drag increase. Obviously they are working on a very direct way to develop really specific power to the rowing stroke. They are doing it on the boat, all together at the same time and doing exactly the same movement they will need to do during their top racing.
On the video you can see this amazing rowing by the Australian M4x that has so much power and control.
I wish them all good racing at the Olympics!

You can see their good position all together!

How powerful their posture looks, It is impressive!

Here you can see the German 4x doing some power work on the water!

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