Carlos Dinares TIP # 485:How I use the RP3 to build a crew TEAM

When I get rowers that want to make a boat go fast together I tell them that:

1)You will be faster when individually you have a really high level of fitness and rowing skill. So this means that if you want to go fast you will need to have the fitness and level of rowing skill of that standard individually you are looking for. So i motivate them to develop as an individual and don’t get just thinking about the team boat. The 1x and the 2- for that are great boats.

2) You will need to have the ability to be a Team player and adapt to your other crew mates so you make make the team boat go fast.

So during the process of developing athletes, they also develop the ability to match to rowers and build possible crew combinations. I tell them that to be fast they need to be:

a) The fitter rowers on the ergo and on the 1x.
b) The better rowers technically, the ones that row the more efficient stroke.
c) The best matching rowers, the ones that can match to anyone and that are easy to match.

So to be the best matching crew combination out there has nothing to do with the ability to produce very exceptional erg scores or the ability to row really well and fast on the 1x or 2-. These 2 will help them to achieve c) or will help them when they have c) to go fast.

In these videos I’m working with 2 young rowers to teach them to learn to match to each other and get to move together. For that I use the Rowperfect3 and I connect the machines and the handles. What i want is that they feel each other and move together finding a unity and a rhythm that works for both. To do that well they need to agree on:

- The level of their hands.
- how they spend the time during recovery.
- How they produce the drive, acceleration.
- on a rowing style.

To motivate them to work on their matching skills and crew development I tell them:

Think we are training to go to a competition where all the boats will compete in front of a jury with sensors on the boats to detect efficiency and good boat moving skills. The goal of that competition is to be the best crew who looks the more together and moves the more efficient disturbing the less the run of the boat. I tell them that if they can win that competition and they are the more fit team they will be fast.

In this video you can see how i help them on land to develop that coordination to move together and I do that in combination with water rowing on the 1x and the 2x.

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