Carlos Dinares TIP # 492: Developing the RIGHT upper BODY for SCULLING

I would like you to look at these pictures from elite rowers that spend thousand of hours developing their body on the water and look at these 10 things:

1- Wrist position.
2- elbow position.
3- head position
4- Neck position
5- forearms muscles engagement.
6- Arm, shoulder lats engagement.
7- connection from feet to handle.
8- Body weight suspension.
9- posture.
10- abs and lower back engagement

So my point here is to make you understand that in order to look like that you need to:

1- Row a lot so you develop specific muscles to the rowing stroke.
2- Do exercices on land that imitate the movement of the rowing stroke.
3- Work with your body weight or less and with the frequency of stroke rates.
4- Don’t work on muscles that don’t move the boat or muscle speeds that don’t move a boat.
5- Do lots of low rate, power x stroke with bungee on water and with big drag or on the good Dynamic rowing machine, Rowperfect3s

6- Keep always a good ratio of body weight, power because at the end of the day you need to push yourself down the course…

So in conclusion to be able what these rowers do you need to develop strength and muscles directly useful to make a boat go fast and to do that you can only develop those specific positions, muscles and forms by reproducing the correct rowing stroke. So my advice is:
- Try to develop as much as you can your rowing fitness doing the correct rowing stroke on the water or on the land with Rowperfect3s.

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