Carlos Dinares TIP # 497:MOTIVATION to ROW- Motivational Triad

There is a trio of biological mechanisms that nature has design into every creature in earth so they can survive to pass their genes into the next generation.

Here are the parts of the Motivational Triad:

1- Pleasure seeking: Sex and food.
2- Avoiding pain.
3- Doing everything with the less amount of energy.

So if you think about it, it makes sense that you feel your body wants to keep in bed every morning when the alarm goes off to go rowing, that you crave high caloric foods, that you want to use the elevator instead of walking up the stairs and that you want to keep warm and dry while is raining and cold outside…

Why do we then row? Why do we do it? Why do we push ourselves with intensity and hard painful workouts?

We do it because of one or some of these reasons:

1- We know is good for our health to move our body even if we need to force ourselves to do it.
2- We do it because we like the feel afterwards of the endorphins.
3- We like to feel it helps to control our bodyweight and feel healthier.
4- We like to get challenged in activities that are good for us like improving a score or crossing the line of a race…
5- We like it because if helps our self esteem and how good we feel about ourselves.
6- We like it because it improves our quality of life.
7- We like it because it gives us a purpose to fight for something physical.
8- We like it because we enjoy the process of improvement and progress, to learn a skill and to get better at it.
9- we like it because it requires discipline and it’s not easy.
10- we like because it help us create good habits that help us to get a better life.

So if you are waking up every morning and you don’t feel you are getting as much as you wish from the training you are doing you should change what you are doing to get a better reward to your hard work.

If you say no to these questions be sure you change something so you don’t give up your training and hard work and be sure you get what you want or need from it!

Do you feel you are getting good enough at rowing?
Do you feel you are enjoying it enough to keep doing it forever?
Do you think your bodyweight is under control and your self esteem up?
Do you enjoy the process and the challenges ahead?
Do you embrace physical pain?

Working hard, consistency, perseverance and hard work are not easy and you should get from them what you put into them!

Rowing well is gliding and not punching!

Rowing is a dynamic movement that has no start and end but a continuous cycle that maintains the speed and works with skill and accuracy.

Look at this video and understand what flows, rhythm and good had work mean in the sport of rowing. If you don’t look like that or you are not there yet or on that direction, keep working smart so you will eventually flow and glide and really enjoy the sport of rowing!

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