Carlos Dinares: Watching GOOD ROWING helps you to LEARN GOOD ROWING

Normally all the crews that win have something really good because they are moving fast. There are some crews who win big races rowing very efficiently and others who win because they have developed amazing levels of fitness and power but are not as efficient. Those crews have sometimes a better chance to win on head wind. They use the power over efficiency on their training and don’t look as good and together on racing but they are fast, really fast. Not because you have the best physiology and have worked the hardest to win and win, necessarily need to be the best rowing example.
Here is a good example of the German 8+ that is the fastest 8+ in the world at this moment doing some work at low rate. It is good to see how together they move and relaxed they are. How well they move with the boat, accelerate the boat and how little they disturb the speed of the boat.
They are fast now but we will see what happens at the Olympics in few months. Who knows who will win in few mnths in London.
The idea is to understand that you can get good rowing examples from crews who are not winning but row well and very efficiently. Their fitness might not be as good to win but their rowing is a very good example of efficient rowing.

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