Carlos’s Tip #13: Can you eat less?

Carlos Dinares challenges you today to take responsability of what you eat during the day and see if by eating less and exercising a little more you can have a better day.

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Carlos Dinares believes that everyday is a life by itself. He believes that changes start small and grow trough motivation and repetition. He believes that in order to make a change you need to feel the values of the change by experiencing them with your own body. Today Carlos is asking you to take control of your meals and exercise, and have an opinion by the end of the day. He wants you to do something different taking responsability. Carlos uses the same techniques in his coaching of rowing by showing new ways to feel change and motivate the change with good repetition. Carlos is a big believer of the power of practice and motivation.

Today’s Workout:

Warm up 5 minutes easy rowing @ 20 stroke rate

 Do 1 x 30 minutes @ 20 strokes x minute
Do 3 x 90 seconds MAX with 2 minutes rest between pieces

All the strokes are at MAXIMUM PRESSURE and the suggested stroke rate.
Rest  5′ from the 30′ piece to the 90 seconds pieces.

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