Carlos’s Tip #17: Carlos Dinares talks about RP3 and the change of direction

How do we need to aproach the change of direction at the end of the stroke? Watch the video and get some tips.

Download Video or MP3

Carlos Dinares is a big believer that efficient rowing comes over the good control of the body weight during the drive and the changes of direction at the catch and at end of the stroke. Carlos has had the chance to work with a WEBA system on the water recording power curves, speed, acceleration and momentums on the boat and also the RP3 on the land with its software. With the combination of both carlos has experienced in his body how efficient rowing feels like by learning the correct motor pathways with computer software feedback. He believes that learning to move the body weight in good relationship with the boat can make a huge impact on speed and performance. This is one of the reasons Carlos Dinares is a big supporter of the new RP3 and its software. He knows that this tool is a revolution on teaching rowing and knows that it is the next big revolution  of the rowing world.

Today’s Workout:

Warm up 5 minutes easy rowing @ 20 stroke rate

 Do 2 x 20 minutes @ 20 strokes x minute with 5′ OFF
Do 1 minute all out with a full start

All the strokes are at MAXIMUM PRESSURE and the suggested stroke rate.
Rest  2′  from the 2×20′ piece to the 1 minute piece.

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