Carlos’s Tip #19: Carlos Dinares talks about his vision for 2011

Carlos Dinares talks about how everybody needs to work together to make  rowing better and safer.

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Carlos Dinares believes that rowing has a unique opportunity for improvement. He thinks that every rower and person involve in rowing needs to work together to make the transition from stationary erg to dynamic erg possible and successful. Carlos also wants all the companies and manufacturers to believe on this change and invest on development on this direction. Carlos Dinares who was mentored by Cas Rekers, original inventor of the rowperfect machine, believes that Rowperfect3 (RP3) that is the last generation of Cas Rekers rowing simulators is the best dynamic rowing machine on the market. Evidence supporting this view is that the US National Team owns 10 of them and the University of Washington 8.

Today’s Workout:

Warm up 5 minutes easy rowing @ 20 stroke rate

 Do 1 x 30 minutes @ 22 strokes x minute
Do 3 x 1 minute all out with a full start with 2 minutes rest after each 1 minute Max.

All the strokes are at MAXIMUM PRESSURE and the suggested stroke rate.
Rest  5′  from the 1×30′ piece to the  3 x 1 minute pieces.

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