Carlos’s Tip #20: Ursula Grobler talks about her 6:54 World Record on Concept 2

Carlos Dinares coached Ursula Grobler from novice rower starting in 2006 to a World Record time on the Concept 2 of 6:54 in 2010.

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Carlos Dinares coached Ursula Grobler to a World record time of 6:54 as a LW in less than 4 years. Carlos and Ursula believe that the training on the rowperfect3 machine helped her to get faster on the water and also gived her an advantage to get a better score on the Concept2 2km test.

Carlos Dinares is a believer that every day has a limited amount of energy and everyone decides how is going to use it. He believes that doing a better training every day than the rest of your competition makes a huge impact on the development of a rower. Carlos and Ursula are big believers of the hours devoted to purposeful practice, the kind of practice that is the most conductive to improvement. For them rowing the Rowperfect3 Dynamic erg.

Today’s Workout:

Warm up 5 minutes easy rowing @ 20 stroke rate

 Do 1 x 15 minutes @ 20 strokes x minute

Do 1x 10 minutes @ 24 strokes x minute

Do 1 x 5 minutes @ 28 strokes a minute

Do 1 x 1 minute MAX

All the strokes are at MAXIMUM PRESSURE and the suggested stroke rate.
Rest  2 minutes after each piece.

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