Carlos’s Tip #212: Rowing snap for Carlos Dinares

The ideal rowing drive generates a snap. It flows, is relaxed, dynamic and powerful. When a rower can fully relax and flow and generate a snap is when he can generate the more power x stroke and run on the boat. To generate a snap the rower needs to be totally coordinated on his drive with his blade work and boat and flow looking easy.
The most common physical cause of error in sports is over-tightening. This creates a loss of absolute power and accuracy. Instead of relaxing and being dynamic the rower is tensing and doing that is hurting his coordination.

The source of power in rowing isn’t brute strength but rather leverage, flexibility and range of motion.
Over-trying in rowing leads to under-performing. Trying harder, which rowers do when they tense up under pressure leads to under- performing.
Rowing is a sport of power, rhythm and relaxation. To do it well and flow you need to take it nice and easy and you will go fast.

What many rowers don’t understand is that they can go faster just going easier and rowing better. By going hard and losing control they are slowing down a lot. Not all the work you do to accelerate the boat can let you relax and flow on the recovery. It is not about how much you can accelerate the boat on the drive but about how much you can have the boat run on one stroke cycle that is the addition of drive + recovery.

To perform the most efficient rowing you need to contract some muscles when others are relaxing.
To achieve top accuracy and speed the right muscles need to contract and the other ones relax and flow.

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