Carlos’s Tip #215: What can you learn at Lake Samish TC with Carlos Dinares

After a very successful week with 2 rowers at Lake Samish TC i asked them to write for all of us what they have learned and experienced during their stay with me in the Northwest!

This is what Ed had to say:

1) Transfer of feel-knowledge gained on the Rowperfect3 to the water by rowing with Carlos Dinares on the 2x.

2) Learning how to use the data from the Rowperfect3 to improve the efficiency of my rowing on the water.

3) Learning how to use the Rowperfect3 as a training tool for improving rowing on the water

4) Idyllic location, very efficient set up for training   (workout, resting, eating, sleeping) and relaxing.

5) Fun to experience two faces of rowing.

a) Analytical, left-brain via the Rowperfect3 detailed real time data.

b) Feeling, sensing, right-brain via a shell’s movement through the water.

c) AND how to see the connections between these.

This is what Tom had to say:

1) It’s a quiet, modern place, in a somewhat secluded and beautiful setting. It facilitates a total immersion in rowing. Transition time between activities is minimal because everything’s here.
2) I could never have figured out that I wasn’t moving my hips properly, or figured out a path to correct it. It required identification of the problem on the Rowperfect3, experimentation to see what body mechanics I don’t do well, and repetition to get a sense for when I’m doing it better. Before I got here, I didn’t realize this was a problem for me, or that it was influencing so many parts of my rowing stroke.
3) Same comment about why body over is critical. I thought I was doing it right, but I wasn’t. I think the issue was subtle enough that only someone standing over me on an erg or watching me carefully in a double could see the problem and suggest ways to fix it.

4) I have concrete things to work on that are individualized to my rowing issues. Reading books won’t do this, because it requires figuring out what applies to me. Sending someone a video over the internet has tons of technical problems, and can’t be as good as someone in the room who can touch you to point out something you need to feel, rather than see or hear.
5) In the double: helps to translate what you do on the Rowperfect3 to the water. Carlos looks critically at every single stroke, and encourages me to be responsible for every single stroke. Hard to explain what this is like without experiencing it.
6) More in the double.  Carlos can demonstrated exactly what he wanted me to do, and how it differed from what I was doing. This can’t happen any other way.
7) Still more in the double. I could feel how the boat moved when Carlos rowed. The sensations and sounds of exactly how the boat accelerates when the oars and body work together well isn’t something that a video can transmit.
8) I got advice on how to eat. I haven’t found a sports nutrition book that really puts it together. It’s easier to see exactly what Carlos does.
9) I learned from my fellow student. He’s more experienced than I am, but it gave me a model to try to mimic during the exercises.
10)  I was thinking of buying a Rowperfect3, and needed to see if it hurt my back. I couldn’t have given it an adequate test in a brief sitting, even if I had been able to get to a place that had one. I needed an explanation of how to interpret and apply the data to improve.
11) Carlos has infectious enthusiasm and intensity for the sport. You can get a feel for this over the internet, but it has to be seen to be appreciated.

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