Carlos’s Tip #22: Carlos Dinares talks about rowing using your body weight

Carlos Dinares thinks that a rower needs to learn to use his body weight in a dynamic situation to achieve maximum performance.

Download Video or MP3

Download Video or MP3

Rowing is about power and rythm. Carlos Dinares uses the Rowperfect3 (RP3) to teach the rowers on land how to use their body weight to accelerate the flyweel. The idea of 2 masses totally free moving against each other on a bar simulates what happens on the water to perfection. Carlos uses that platform to teach the rowers to engage their core correctly and to feel pressure on their feet against the handle to accelerate the flyweel. Carlos Dinares believes in feedback and this is why he always works on the RP3 with the computer software that gives direct feedback of the power curve and the Joules x stroke to the rower. He also works looking at the lenght of the stroke and the peak force position. .

He believes that the Rowperfect3 software is very a important tool of this Dynamic erg.

Today’s Workout:

Warm up 5 minutes easy rowing @ 20 stroke rate

 Do 1 x 10 minutes @ 22

Do 1x 10 minutes @ 18

Do 1 x 10 minutes @ 24

Do 3 full start of 12 strokes

All the strokes are at MAXIMUM PRESSURE and the suggested stroke rate.
Rest  2 minutes after each piece.

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