Carlos’s Tip #223: Carlos Dinares ROWS like a Rider RIDES

When I look at good rowing I can see how well the rowers move in total synchronization with the boat. The boat adapts to the water conditions and moves with it and the rower deals with the boat and the movements of it due to its body moving on top of it up and down and the weather changing the dancing of the shell.

I was in horses when I was a little kid before i started rowing. What I remembered when I galloped is that my body needed to move with the horse totally synchronized. I remembered it was a very strong feel of adapting totally to the horse to make his ride easier and my experience much better. When I row a boat I feel the same way. The interesting part is that the boat has life too like a horse and moves up and down hunting for meters and ground like a horse. The smother the gallop and the boat running the more efficient it can be. In this situation the rider or the rower really need to feel the boat/horse and move with it to get the best experience.

If you look at a good rower you will see how careful he is in all his moves during the drive and the recovery to affect as little as possible the run of the boat during the drive and the recovery. Jerking, body up and down, bad timing and bad balance will upset the boat run like a rider upsets the horse speed and efficiency.

I’m sure it will be really interesting to have the chance to listen at boats and horses about their rowers and riders. How well they move, how easy they make their movements or how bad and unefficient the rowers/riders are….

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