Carlos’s Tip #225: Carlos Dinares BEST TRAINING on Land to ROW FASTER on the water

The goal of any rower is to go fast on the water. To go fast on the water you need to direct all your training and energy in this direction. For me all the training on the land needs to be helping you on developing fitness, coordination and help you to have fun by doing other things. I’m a big believer that the more you do rowing and the exact movements of the stroke the better rower you will be. Other activities like running, swimming, etc… will help you to have fun by doing something different and rest your body to prevent injuries or recover from them.
What I do with the rowers I coach is to develop from scratch a new pattern of coordination and body. I make them row at low rates on the Rowperfect3, target a power curve and do it over and over for several months until their stroke has changed as their body develops. Your power curve is the way you apply power during the drive when you are connected to the water. It has to do with your coordinated power and the way your body can generate power and is developed.

To give you an example: If you have very good coordination and are weak on your upper body, your power curve will be good but to weak on the second part because of this lack of strength. There is no drills you can do or coaching, you need to do all these thousands of repetitions to build your body to be able to feel up this power curve and be more powerful on the second part. One of the trainings I use a lot to complement with the water work and rowperfect3 work are the french circuits. I like them a lot and they are directed to strength your body on a dynamic and fun way doing several exercices that develop parts of the body that help the stroke drive. I like the french way of working because it is really efficient and always directed to move the boat. All the movements they do on training are suppose to be perfect and directed to the development of the coordination, body strength and fitness.

They only use the Concept2 to test fitness and this is why the row the boats like boats and not like stationary ergs. You can see a video of the Men’s Team that is going to Bled working on these circuits.

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