Carlos’s Tip #226: CARLOS DINARES: You can row FASTER as you get OLDER by being SMARTER with your ROWING

“Few years ago I thought I had reached the end of my rowing career. I was constantly tired and lazy, and my times had dropped considerably. My body seemed like it was just giving up. I felt old and I’d lost the one thing that had kept me rowing for over 15 years: MOTIVATION”.

Since starting again after a break of few years I decided to do it different. Just to focus on doing it well. Doing it well and enjoying gave me the love again for the sport and the motivation to keep coming back everyday. That path eventually gave me the speed and the feel of youth and energy again! I was a real rower again!

My confidence has grown and I wake up everyday anticipating the day’s training. As a result I have improved my past records. I’m now beating competitors half my age.” My dedication to rowing is not affected by my age.
If anything i use it as a motivation and not an excuse.

I know that knowledge, with years of training experience, provides me with the power to reach my top. And certainly I’m not afraid to compete with athletes half my age, because I know I can BEAT them.

There are many of you out there, for who rowing is as much a part of your life today as it was when you left school. But many of you just can’t seem to get the results you used to from your training. You acknowledge that with age comes decreased performance. It’s the body’s natural way of slowing down. You are WRONG!

Which is exactly why I’m writing this post today. One of my principle goals is to show you how to overcome the consequences of getting older and still produce winning performances, stay healthy and, most importantly, continue to enjoy yourself.

As we get older, the rate of cell division slows down and some tissues begin to perform less efficiently. There is a loss of elasticity, both in the skin and in ligaments. There is a decline in the maximum heart rate and in maximum power output.

If this process is left unchecked, nature will take its course. However, with the right kind of training and nutrition it is possible to remain at international level to the age of 40.

There is no doubt that the average person (that is an unfit person) can reverse most of the effects of aging by using the right training. The person who has kept fit will always be younger, in the physiological sense, than his real age.

What are the implications of this for the average rower?

First, there is no reason to stop purely because of age, because the decline is very gradual. The right kind of training and some good conditions can enable you to improve on last year’s times.
Second, one cannot train with the intensity of a young athlete because the rate of regeneration is not as fast. You have to find the intensity and the frequency of hard training that you can tolerate.
Third, it will probably become necessary, if you seriously want to stay as fit and healthy as possible, to work on your weak points. Muscular strength, flexibility and mobility decline without the right exercise.

I want you to learn to become more efficient on your rowing and smarter on the way you spend your energy. You need to become very protective of your energy and your rest time. You need to reduce stress and train simple. Eating healthy and having fun are key ingredients to success too. I use the Rowperfect3 to develop a big part of my fitness and rowing coordination. I don’t swim, bike or run. I just row on the water and on the Rowperfect3. I don’t have extra energy. I use it all on the training that has a direct impact on my rowing speed.

Don’t give up. You can do it too. I lost 25 pounds. I’m a lot faster than 10 years ago. You can be faster and happier too with the right training and approach. It is your choice. You will become what you want to be. You are what you eat and you train. It is your responsability to make a change on your training and life if you want to get better, faster and happier. You can do it too!

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