Carlos’s Tip #227: Rowing with a TENSE FACE

Have you ever looked at your face while rowing? Do you think you keep your face too tense? Do you think this extra tension is negative and makes your whole body tense and become not efficient? Have you seen yourself on video? Do you know when you tense? On easy rowing or at race pace? All the time? Never? Do you get extra tense at the starts? When the weather conditions get difficult? When you get tired?

What do you think?

I believe that you need to try to row at low rate and low intensity with a relax face. You need to be in control and you need to take charge of what your body is doing. I think the more tension there is on your face, the more tension you will carry to your body, shoulders and grip. The boat will feel it and slow you down because of it. I understand that in order to produce the maximum power on a full start you will generate some tension on your body. How much? When is this extra tension starts to be detrimental?

I would like you to row tomorrow and feel your face. Feel what you are doing with al the parts of your face. Feel tension and try to relax. If you don’t know what tension is or if you are tense or not just tense hard and you will know what it feels when you are tense. Then relax that is the opposite of tension and feel. You can learn to relax your face by taking responsability and learning to do it. You can row your Rowperfect3 and setup a mirror and look at your face. You can start making a connection of what you see and what you do.

I have done it and I have learned to relax my face. By doing that I have learned to save energy and send relaxation from my face to all over my body. It feels great and I’m faster. Why? Because I know that the more I relax while I row, the more I can control my bod and the power dynamic power I can generate. Also the more effcient my rowing will be.

How I have done it?

I have a mirror in front of my rowperfect3 that is connected to a computer with the RP3 software and I look at the data, face and heart rate. There is a direct relationship from the tension of my face, body to the economy of my rowing stroke. I take this feel of relaxation to the water and repeat it over and over.

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