Carlos’s Tip #228: CARLOS DINARES Top Secret to don’t slow down in your ROWING

Do you want to know what is the BIGGEST SECRET to don’t slow down in you rowing?
To keep moving non stop forward!
To be Action and not just Talk!
To don’t get lazy and fat!
To Dream Big!
To be excited for what you do!
To always do more or plan more that what make sense to everyone around you…
To go for it.
To don’t think too much.
To do whatever you decide to…

Last night I decided with friends to climb Mount Baker again. It is 2am USA Western time. I have 14 hours until the interview with Sean Wolf. In this time we need to drive to the top, get to the top and back and be ready to talk for 1 hour! I need to keep moving to make it. It is exciting 14 hours of hiking and moving non stop and this radio interview that I should make on time! I hope….

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