Carlos’s Tip #230: CARLOS DINARES 20 REASONS why we are ADDICTED to ROWING

Rowing is one of those sports that gets you addicted. Why? What do you think there is in rowing that get you so addicted to do it again and again?

To understand what addiction means let’s Google addiction and see what we get:
“the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma”

Are we enslaved to rowing? To stop rowing can cause severe trauma?
These are good questions and i will answer maybe and it depends of who is the rower. I’m for sure ADDICTED to rowing and if I had to stop it will cause me a SEVERE TRAUMA. Why?

I’m going to try to list 20 reasons WHY I believe rowing is such an ADDICTIVE SPORT:

CARLOS DINARES 20 reasons why we are ADDICTED to ROWING

1- It is an outdoor sport.
2- It is done on the water.
3- You get to see different bodies of water every time you race or travel to row.
4- You are in the middle of the water with no lights, stop signs or people looking at you or touching you.
5- You can do it alone all by yourself with the 1x.
6- You use all your body.
7- You burn a lot of calories.
8- You can do it all your life. You are seating.
9- The feel of flow and gliding on the water.
10- You can see your rivals behind you as you race when you are ahead of them.
11- It is really challenging
12- There are many ways to be fast.
13- It requires a lot of training and years to master the sport of rowing.
14- It is quiet and peaceful.
15- You cannot say who is the best on a Team boat. Rowing is a real Team Sport.
16- The rythme of rowing well.
17- The noise of the rowing shell and oars in action.
18- The balance of you and the boat.
19- The power and relaxation contrast.
20- The elasticity and dynamic power required to do it right.

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