Carlos’s Tip #231: CARLOS DINARES and his TOP 10 Secrets about NUTRITION!

I can assure you that the way you eat is a key element of your performance and improvement in your rowing. But not only that, in your daily life. Everyone needs to eat to live and everyone needs to eat until they die. This means that the earlier you listen and understand my 10 SECRETS to keep in good shape the earlier you will be happy!

What do I do that is different? What are these 10 secrets that I have so clear that help me to keep fit and healthy?


1- Don’t eat TOO MUCH.
2- Eat very few things from a box or container. As little as you can.
3- Eat at home as much as you can.
4- Don’t drink SODA.
5- Eat fruit and vegetables.
6- Eat eggs, fish and meat.
7- Don’t eat too much bread, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, burgers.
8- Reduce the sauces and dressings. Use Olive oil.
9- Eat before you get too hungry.
10- Eat a good breakfast and not too much before bed.

These are very simple 10 clear rules that you can follow. Not easy to follow but very simple. If you try to make a little change on the direction of my 10 Top Secrets, you will become happier wth your body, performance and health.

One of the biggest reasons of bad food habits is stress. Because of stress we look for a way to feel good and to achieve that we eat comfort food. It works like a drug and relaxes us but at the same time is killing us little by little. What is the solution? To take control of yourself and control of what you eat. Food is as bad as alcohol and drugs. Bad food habits and overweight is killing many people in todays society with heart problems and strokes.

For me eating poorly with exercise, even if you are an elite rower, on the long run is a really bad thing because eventually you will stop exercising as much as you do now because of work and family but you will keep eating the same way, junk food. If you don’t eat correctly you can still perform but eventually this will catch you with Diabetes, overweight and depression. If you start early in life to develop good food habits for you you will go faster and will be happier and healthier on the long run.
Remember you will eat until the day you die and all the food you eat everyday will have a direct impact in your quality and length of your life. Exercising can have a big impact on the quality and length of your life but is not as important or gets closer to how important is the way you eat.

You can do it!

Good luck!

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