Carlos’s Tip #241: Good ROWING looks NICE and CALM

Have you seen yourself rowing on video at low rate and race pace?
Have you seen top crews rowing at low rate and race pace?

Here is a good rowing example at low rate:

Here is a different rowing not as relax, fluid and calm:

What do you think is the difference on the look? Obviously they are faster and better but what is the biggest difference you can see when you look at those 2 video examples?

1- The ROWING looks more in CONTROL
2- The ROWING looks more EASY
3- The ROWING looks more CALM
4- The ROWING looks more ORGANIZED
5- The ROWING looks more CONSISTENT
6- The ROWING looks more DYNAMIC
7- The ROWING looks has a better RHYTHM
8- The ROWING looks more FLUID
10- The ROWING looks more SYNCHRONIZED with the boat

If you think that your rowing can IMPROVE in all those things my advise to you is that you can improve it by rowing more on the water and slowing things down. Developing the right body strengths and coordination will make you look better and calmer. More in control. This is the first step to eventually reach your full potential in ROWING.

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