Carlos’s Tip #249: CARLOS DINARES: LOSING in ROWING can be a future WIN

I’ve been racing for a long time. I’ve been experiencing some winning and lots of losing.

Competition is a way to make people race for a ranking. In this ranking we don’t know if we have been at our top or improved, we only see how we do against the other competitors.

Everyone who enters a race has trained hard and is excited to see how he does against the other rowers.
Everyone deserves to win but only one wins.

Here is where the fact that racing is brutal and cruel starts. If what matters is doing the best you can, progressing on speed, working with passion and determination and consistency and having a good experience.
Why do racing only rewards the fastest crew?

In a race he fastest crew gets GOLD. We don’t reward the hardest worker, the more improved, the one who has done it with the less resources, the one that has done it alone, ….. Not of that is taken into account.
Racing only rewards the fastest crew.

This is why racing is BRUAL and CRUEl because it is totally unfair for many that work on disadvantage of resources and genetics. It is like real life, hard and unfair for many that are born on disadvantage.

This is one of the reasons why It is VERY IMPORTANT as a coach and rower to analyze your own performance in the race before getting to obsess with the result.

Let me give you an example:

If you are a 7minutes and 40 seconds single and race and win with 7:50 you will be happy because you have won and you will excuse the 10 extra seconds because nobody has pushed you more even if you have raced as hard as you could.
If you are the same rower and race a different race and are last with 7: 50 you will feel awful because you have been 10 seconds away from your best score and have gotten last.
In this example the same rower has done the same time in both races but feels totally different.
Isn’t weird that the feel of the rower and coach has nothing to do with his objective perfomance but with how he does in relationship to the other competitors that he has no control? That means that if I’m bad on race day but my rivals are worst I’m happy. That doesn’t make any sense to me….

This is wat I believe everyone who enters a race should try to do:

1) Try to race your best race always. Whatever the ranking you get, go hard to get a good time for you. Go the fastest you can go.
2) Don’t let the ranking to get you down or up. Analyze your performance an see f you have done well against yourself.
3) Don’t celebrate too much when you win, it is not respectful for the other crews that might have performed better than you but have not the speed you have because of many reasons.
4) Be open to accept the result you get and never give excuses. Excuses are a lack of respect to the other racers that have done their best too. With an excuse you are trying to explain a result that is there saying it is not fair. Accept the result and keep quiet.
5) See the race as a learning experience that puts you in front of pressure to perform against others. Learn to relax and do your best against pressure. It will help you in your regular life.

I’m a believer that somebody who has not worked hard but won a lot because of genetics and economical advantages might retire from the sport more unsatisfied or having learned less than somebody who has worked very hard and lost a lot but on the struggle learned plenty. At the end It is all relative to what you feel and who you become.

Also losing today can be the MOTIVATION for a BIG WIN tomorrow on a BIGGER RACE. Losing gets you Stronger. Get back in your feet, do the work and NEVER GIVE UP!


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