Carlos’s Tip #266: Coaching ROWING for life

I’m excited to show this video of the Canadian National Team coach. Mike Spraklen is one of the best coaches at making his athletes to do whatever it takes to win Gold. His mental approach to training is unique. He is one of the best coaches in the world. He knows how to develop fitness, power, mental preparation on his rowers and make boats go fast. He develops a very good culture of hard work. Rowing success comes over hard work, sacrifices and dreaming big. There are others coaches that are like Coach Spraklen. The difference is that Mike Sparklen is one of the few that has been around since the 70′s coaching Olympic champions.

As Mike Spraklen one day told me:

Carlos only the rowers who trust their coach can achieve their best. It takes the rower and the coach work as a real Team to reach the top. Only the ones who really want it can get it. As coaches we help them and teach them. They are the ones who do it.

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